Monday, November 23, 2015

Top Cities in the World For Artistic Inspiration

Hotel Ca' Sagredo - Grand Canal - Venice Italy Venezia - photo by gnuckx and HDR processing by Mike G. K.

Artistic inspiration can strike at any moment. However, some cities are renowned for inspiring artists, writers, poets and creatives of all kinds to begin creating their work. Places such as Venice, Paris, San Francisco and Egypt have inspired people for many years, and are definitely places to add to your travel bucket list.

Below are 5 of the most inspirational cities in the world for all manner of artistic endeavors. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, just traveling to these places will broaden your horizons and get the creative energy spinning.

Venice, Italy

Venice is an exciting, romantic and visually beautiful city. A travel destination known for its stone palaces, Venice has a whole host of artistic and cultural aspects. There are ancient bridges, churches, palazzi, monuments and piazzas including the Grand Canal, Saint Mark's Basilica, and Piazza San Marco, which are all visually stimulating and serve as brilliant backdrops for photographers and artists alike. Within Venice visitors have the rare opportunity to observe all of its natural wonders by gondola and roam around the ancient parts of a city with deep historical roots.

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Paris, France

Paris is a romantic and awe inspiring place to visit. From fine French cuisine to the famous Eiffel tower, there is plenty to see and do in Paris. Paris is a particular favorite for artists as it has historically produced many great philosophers, artists and writers. Montmatre is known as the artist’s corner where artists gather to paint and draw their work in public. Just wandering around the romantic streets of Paris and looking at other artists’ work can provide ample inspiration for the budding artist.

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San Francisco, California

I have been to San Francisco dozens of times and see something new every time I visit. This West Coast metropolis offers a great deal of artistic inspiration for writers from all walks of life. San Francisco and the surrounding cities like Berkeley and Oakland are busy and thriving, filled with imagination and eclectic personalities.

Scenes I never get tired of photographing... #sanfrancisco #california

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For those who like architecture, The Palace of Fine Arts Theater offers up eye candy and makes jaws drop at its magnificence. My cousin accidentally stumbled upon this treasure hiding out in a residential neighborhood.

Another activity I did for the first time recently was hiking through Muir Woods, which is just 12 miles north of the city. Its home to towering redwood trees and a plethora of fresh air. If you love nature just as much as I do, you have to add this to your 'Places in San Francisco to Visit' bucket list.

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Cairo, Egypt

Egypt is an exotic and ancient place, filled with architecture and sculptures that have stood the test of time. Cairo, Egypt has one of the longest civilized histories, most well-known for its symbolic tomb art that connected the living to the deceased and the Gods up above. The Egyptian pyramids and other ancient sites are so awe inspiring that you can't help but get swept up in the ancient creative energy.

London, UK

London is a highly prosperous city, filled with different cultural influences and artistic districts. There is a wealth of magical architecture including the London Bridge and Houses of Parliament. The stunning architecture is made even more beautiful by the contrast of the River Thames that runs throughout London. As for the London art scene, it is just as diverse as the people, offering something for everyone.

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What is your favorite city in the world for artistic inspiration?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond

For over 50 years James Bond movies have entertained us, and whenever a new one comes out, I never sigh and say, Another one? I mark my calendar for the debut and make sure I’m at the theater early to get a good seat.

The latest installment, Spectre, did not disappoint, which got me thinking about the qualities that has made 007 so successful over the years. James Bond isn’t an entrepreneur, but if he ever decided to change careers and become a business owner, he’d definitely make a good one. Here are a few lessons James Bond can teach us...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Be More Adventurous: A Tale of Two Dogs

Sammy likes to stays on the path she knows best.
Sammy and Windsor have very different personalities, and these dogs had a lesson to teach me about being more adventurous as I took them for a walk the other day.

Sammy is a very energetic German-Shepard mix. I’ve taken her on many walks these past couple years when my friend has gone out of town. I’ll often take her down this walking trail by the house, and I take her through different parts of the neighborhood so she can become more familiar with the area.

Windsor is a new addition to my friend’s family. She’s a retired border patrol dog and 4 years older than Sammy. Windsor has been a working dog for most of her life and is now enjoying life as my friend’s pet.

Friday, March 20, 2015

10 Things Highly Successful People Don’t Do

Did you know that success at anything in life is not just about what you do, but it’s also about what you don’t do? Highly successful people develop great habits that enable them to achieve their goals.

In my 15 years as an entrepreneur I’ve studied hundreds of successful CEO's and interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs. I’ve always been fascinated with their mindset and what exactly makes them more successful than other people. How do people like Oprah or Richard Branson go from nothing to making billions of dollars? Also, what habits do they avoid? Here are 10 things I’ve observed:

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

15 Inspiring Fitness Quotes to Supercharge Your Routine and Make You More Productive

As an artist or entrepreneur, I think it’s important to incorporate a consistent fitness routine and develop healthy eating habits. You need good energy to stay motivated and be more productive. For some people like me, motivational quotes work to fuel that energy.

Developing good habits requires a certain mindset. Maybe you’ve already ditched that resolution to get in shape and stay fit. Staying inspired to reach your goals is one of the biggest challenges for people. Even if you don’t have a fitness coach to get you going every day, perhaps these 15 inspirational quotes will help: