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Thursday, October 13, 2016

How Curiosity Can Make You More Creative

There is no other avenue to cultivating creative work aside from impassioned curiosity.

I have a theory about cats.

Have you ever wondered how cats just seem so content sitting around most of the day?

I never used to be a cat person, but I have grown to appreciate them because they are so curious. When I was staying with my cousin during my recent trip to Canada, his cat wandered into my room and proceeded to stick his head into my travel tote. Sydney snooped around for a couple minutes and then jumped up on the window sill to just stare out the window for what seemed like eons.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

My Ultimate Bucket List of Things to Do In Europe

As a lover of all things design including art, architecture, home decor, and especially fashion, I’ve been stalking the Instagram stories of various fashion bloggers and editors this past month, following their adventures throughout Europe and living vicariously through them. Every year during September the fashion world does a whirlwind trip starting in New York for fashion week and continuing on to London, Milan, and ending in Paris.

Then I thought, It’s time for me to go on a whirlwind European trip of my own! So here I am putting together my bucket list of things to do in Europe when it comes time for my adventure. I figured I would write it down and also blog about it to help me visualize it in more vivid detail.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Holy Grail of Content Marketing

There is so much NOISE in the world today. Everyone has a voice and has the freedom to say whatever they want to say. Granted, there are things that shouldn’t be said, but what I love about blogging and social media is that it allows people to be heard.

But are people going to actually hear or even listen what you have to say? Do you want to be that person who inspires...ignites...and creates change for the good? Or do you want to keep creating mediocre content that just gets lost in the shuffle? Think about it. There are probably tons of yottabytes (yes, that’s a real thing) of information produced each day. How will you get your business noticed?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Travel Inspiration: 4 Days in Vancouver, British Columbia

Oh, Canada. The land of Justin Bieber, the Toronto Raptors, and the country that may receive the biggest influx of refugees if Donald Trump becomes president. I've considered moving to this neutral land many times. I have relatives who live there, and besides, it's simply a beautiful country.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Art Inspiration: ArtWalk at Liberty Station, San Diego

One of my favorite yearly art events here in San Diego is ArtWalk that takes place at Liberty Station in Point Loma. With the beautiful San Diego Bay and ocean breeze as the backdrop, it's hard not to enjoy yourself.

What I love about attending ArtWalk is seeing how creative energy expresses itself through each of the artists. We all see the world in different ways and how we choose to share our visions is unique and so beautiful.