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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Message from Maria Palma, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Studio 747...

Welcome! Studio 747 started in 2001 as an idea about artists coming together to collaborate. I believe that each and every one of us has creative energy within us and I wanted a place to get together with like-minded individuals to share our experiences.

I also wanted Studio 747 to be a place where children could come to be exposed to and learn about the arts. Our current school system seems to be phasing out of the art curriculum and I believe that its so important for children to always be reminded of their creativity and individuality.

At first I wanted to open up Studio 747 as a regular brick-and-mortar shop in downtown San Diego, but now that idea has turned into something much bigger. I don't want Studio 747 to be in just one location, I want it to be everywhere and make a global impact. I want people from around the world to be able to benefit from this idea.

Because of my love for blogging and technology, I've decided to turn Studio 747 into a blog network! However, it will not just be a place for art, it will be a lifestyle blog network that encompasses every aspect of our lives. Whether its in the business, fashion, or spirituality, Studio 747 will be the place where you find the inspiration to be a better person!

Where did the name "Studio 747" come from?

When I see the number "747", I immediately think about jet-setting to far off distance places and being exposed to something new and exciting. I think of people who are spontaneous - that would get in a plane and just jet off to meet other people who are just as exciting as they are. That's the kind of person that I am and those are the kind of people I love to interact with - the ones who are ready and open to anything, the ones who are excited about life, and those who want to explore the world around them and make a difference in the lives of others.