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Monday, February 25, 2008

Tips on Buying Art Abroad

Wing Sze Tang of Travel + Leisure Magazine offers some tips on what you should know before buying art abroad. Here's a brief synopsis of the six tips:

1. Know what you want and do your research before you leave home.

2. Consult an independent expert - This is especially important if you're in the market for antiques.

3. Cover your bases - Make arrangements for insurance on the art that you will be purchasing and bringing back home.

4. Choose a trustworthy seller - Buy from prominent, established galleries or at major art fairs around the world. By the way, for more advice on buying at an art fair, check out Moshi, Moshi, Medici! Completely Biased Adventures in Contemporary Art Collecting.

5. Get a fair price - Research the prices by the same artist from the same period.

6. Follow the rules - Every country has restrictions on what can or can't be imported/exported.

And speaking of art abroad...For those of you not in America, you may appreciate some of the art I'm going to now share with you. I recently attended an exhibit at the Mingei International Museum titled "Craft in America". I was able to see all the different art influences from people all over the world who came to America to "live the dream".

Craft in America Exhibit at Mingei International Museum