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Saturday, February 02, 2008

United Arab Emirates: A Little Heaven on Earth

Nestled in between the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula is a little-known Heaven on Earth that goes by the name of United Arab Emirates. The UAE is a very diverse country where much of its population are non-citizens.

Around this time of year people gather for the yearly Dubai Shopping Festival which brings shoppers from all over the world. This event is a vital part of the country's tourism and visitors get to experience this "city of gold".

What is most impressive about this country is the amazing real estate developments that are in the works. We're looking forward to seeing the Armani Hotel which will be part of the Burj Dubai development. The Burj Dubai is slated to be the world's tallest tower. Scheduled for completion in late 2008, it will be a perfect complement to the vast array of lifestyle options within Downtown Burj Dubai that features the Dubai Mall.