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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Business Success Tip: Create Value

Fulfillment and customer needs affirmationMany of us start a business venture with the hope of making tons of money. However, did you think that your pushy sales skills and fast talk will get you far in business? Perhaps in the short-term you will do well, but in the long-term, the salespeople who create value are the ones who are going to prosper.

I believe artists are very good at providing value for their clients. Most artists have passion for their work and a majority of them would still do what they’re doing whether or not they get paid for it. These artists seek passion and meaning in their work without any concern about the money aspect of it.

People can tell when you’re passionate about the products you sell. Creating value is about sharing that passion with your clients and being a reliable resource for them. The attention to detail is another part of creating value. When you’re in the business of art and creating things, this attention to detail usually comes pretty easy.

Ram Charan’s book, What the Customer Wants You To Know: How Everybody Needs to Think Differently About Sales, contains a little nugget of valuable advice (via Business Know-How):
“No longer do you measure your own success first. Instead, you measure success by how well your customers are doing with your help. You're not focused on selling a specific product or service; you're focused on how your company can help the customer succeed in all the ways that are important to that customer. By tapping the many resources you have at your disposal to help customers meet their business goals and priorities, you are adding value. “
How are you creating value for your clients?