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Friday, May 16, 2008

It's a Month of Social Network Marketing

Over at the Online Resources Blog the focus this month is on social media and social network marketing. I believe that having some kind of online presence is very important in this day and age of internet technology. I'm not just talking about having a regular website, I'm talking about getting out into "cyberspace" and finding people to connect with. As I've said before, you would basically be losing out on a great deal of business by not participating in online social networking communities. However, I do suggest that you do your research and find communities that fit your personality and your lifestyle. To give you an example of how I market my jewelry and my blogs, I invite you to check out my MySpace page.

Doing Work at StarbucksI have experienced much success in using social media and social network marketing to get the word out about my business. In fact, it's the only way that I have marketed my business during the past few years. I cannot even begin to tell you all the creative and inspiring people I have met online. However, I do agree that social networking can't totally replace true human interaction like picking up the phone and making a few phone calls.

If you haven't tried social network marketing yet, I challenge you to try it out for a month and see if you get any results. At the very least I'm sure you'll find a few interesting people to connect with...and who knows, one of them could be your next big client!