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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Creativity In Business


Thoughts become things. That’s the premise of the highly acclaimed movie, The Secret. As creative individuals we have the ability to create our own lives through our thoughts. However, if you’ve always thought the same things, you’re going to keep getting the same things.

In today’s complex business world I think it’s important to have innovative thought leaders who are creative and inspiring - people who think big! Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or you manage a Fortune 500 company, creativity is definitely needed to achieve success. Steve Jobs and his team at Apple come to mind. I believe that the more creative you are, the happier you are which in turn attracts more money and abundance to you.

After writing my last post about how to discover your creativity, I found out about a man named Michael Michalko who’s written several books including Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques. Michael Michalko is not just an author, he offers keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars that foster creative thinking within organizations. I browsed through his website and came across some very interesting creative thinking exercises that help you change the way you look at and perceive objects or ideas.

And speaking of creativity and success…

I recommend checking out the new Success magazine. I wrote a review of the magazine over at The Good Life awhile back. The June/July 2008 features the 50 greatest entrepreneurs of all time - all creative individuals, of course!

What about you…Wouldn’t you like to be on that list? All you have to do is think it and continue to think and believe that you can!