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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Blog Discovery: The Frisky

As artists, sometimes we can get caught in a creative rut that diminishes our focus and energy. I sometimes find myself in a "reading rut" where I get stuck in my feed reader and read the same blogs day after day - which is fine because they're good blogs to read. However, I forget that there are millions of other blogs out there waiting to be discovered. I get so focused on reading business blogs or fashion and design-related blogs.

As part of my practice of doing something different each day (something that I recommend that everyone should do), I decided to check out this fun blog called The Frisky. I would say that it's comparable to Cosmopolitan in that it has relationship tips - plus little tidbits about fashion, sex, pop culture, and celeb gossip. I'm not one to read these types of things every day, but sometimes you just need a break now and then.

However, I did discover this very cute denim dress ( via The Frisky's style section that would go really well with the Gucci boots that I talked about over at Beauty Is Within. This is the type of dress that has a style and design that is timeless...