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Monday, September 15, 2008

Customer Service Carnivale: The Good Advice Edition

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Welcome to the Customer Service Carnivale! As the founder of the Customer Service Carnivale which began at Customers Are Always, I wanted to spice things up by hosting the carnivale here this week. Customer service is a part of everyone's life - no matter what industry you work in. In essence, customer service is about interacting, communicating, and connecting with people, right? As creative individuals we use our work to express ourselves and connect with our audience, so I figured it would be good to host the carnivale here to open your mind to other perspectives of communication and business.
So, let's get started!

Many new business owners think that they have to compete on price to get any business, but here's a reminder that with customer service you can forget about price.

If you're wondering why you're not making any sales, you may ask yourself if you're doing what these salespeople are doing in this story by Gavin Ingham. Read Sales training advice for muppets!

Welly Mulia offers some great advice for online business owners in his post, Give and Create Value First, Receive Second. This is fundamental knowledge that everyone should know!

Carol Bentley shares an exceptional customer service story in Customer Services - Wow Factor.

Although not directly related to customer service, I thought I'd share this post, Scrappiest Project Management Contest Ever. Are you "scrappy" when it comes to your business and serving your customers?

Here are some very interesting thoughts on the topic of customer service outsourcing: Outsourcing Call Center Jobs To India Leads To Bad Customer Service. What do you think?

Thanks to all the bloggers who participated in this edition and BIG thanks to YOU for reading!

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