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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Less IS More

Peace! on Flickr by Aldrin MuyaI'm sure you've heard the saying, "Less is More"...

How many of us really live by that motto?

And how many of us still think that more is indeed...more? More money. More awards. More of this...More of that.

There was a time when I thought that "More is More". If I blogged more or I made more jewelry, I would make more money. I would have more subscribers or more customers.

However, I've come to realize that in trying to do more, I was sacrificing the life that I had worked so hard to get. I had already achieved the goal of being able to work from home and to come and go as I please. And even though I preached about living the good life, in retrospect I realize that I was sometimes going against my own advice.

The "Less Is More" Challenge

For the next couple weeks I challenge you to live by the "Less is More" philosophy when it comes to work. I've written about my own personal journey in Productive At Being Unproductive at my personal blog.

If you're a self-employed artist, maybe it's cutting down on studio time and making time for yourself - like going to the beach and lounging with a book...

If you work in an office all day, maybe it's not bringing work home and spending time with the kids...playing a board game or having a family outing...

For the past couple weeks I've been challenging myself to slow things down a bit. Instead of putting 10 things on the "To Do" list, I've listed only 3 or 4 things to do. When I went to visit my parents this past weekend, I actually spent time with them versus sitting in front of the computer like I usually do.

Being At Peace

What I have found in living by this "Less is More" philosophy is that I'm more at peace. The pace of my life has slowed down and I no longer feel that I have to rush to achieve my goals. I've always loved creating and writing, but now...I'm truly in the moment and simply enjoying my work instead of associating $ with it.

I'm sure many artists can relate when I say that I started to lose a little bit of that joy of creating when my art and writing became a source of income.

However, now I'm learning to just be at peace with what is - to just be at peace in the moment and with what I've accomplished so far. That's not to say that I've become complacent because I certainly have so much more that I'd like to do.

How about you? Are you aware of the gifts you have? More importantly, are you grateful for what you have right now?

Can you be at peace with who you are if you don't sell another painting, CD, or work of art?

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Photo Credit: Al Muya