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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recommended Blog Read: "Art Print Issues"

If you're fortunate to have purchased a domain or web hosting through, you're probably very happy with their customer service. I've been a loyal domain customer for the past five years and will continue to be a customer as long as they continue hiring friendly people like Barney Davey and all the other GoDaddy employees who have helped me in the past.

When Barney Davey answered my questions regarding a domain name I recently purchased, I found out something interesting about him during our interaction. Barney is a blogger and author who helps artists with their business!

And since this blog is dedicated to helping artists as well, it's only right that we share all the goodness that Barney writes on his blog, Art Print Issues. Every post is chock full of inspiration, tips, and advice for artists. I especially like this recent post, Visual Artists - 30 Ways To Get More Art Collectors.

If you're serious about taking your art career to the next level, you might want to check out Barney's book, How to Profit from the Art Print Market.

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