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Sunday, May 31, 2009

David Cook Is Coming to San Diego

David Cook at Sunfest 2009 in West Palm Beach, Florida
I received word the other day that I am now an official EventChaser and will be sharing my experiences from a variety of events including concerts and sports events!

As I mentioned a couple posts back, I was offered an opportunity to write reviews for Razorgator - and since I'm a huge proponent of living an adventurous life and to pursue your passions, I thought it would be fitting to share my adventures here.

It looks my first assignment will be to attend the David Cook concert which takes place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Thursday, June 18. It's also the time for the annual Del Mar Fair, so I'll have double the fun!

Get your David Cook tickets!

David Cook has seen much success since winning American Idol last year. He just kicked off a nationwide tour and San Diego will be the third stop.

I'll be sharing my experience of the concert not just at EventChaser, but I'll be posting videos and other commentary over at No Song Unsung, the music blog that is part of the Studio 747 network of blogs.