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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get Your Art or Photography Business Up and Running

You've been thinking that maybe you should turn your art or photography into a business...

So, what's stopping you?

Now is the time to pursue your passion! It's time to take action! Take one step today towards your dream of making money with your photography or art.

Make Money By Selling Photography or Art Prints
Large format prints
One of the most commons ways artists make money is by selling poster size prints of their art or photography. You can sell prints of your work at art fairs, trade shows, or via your own online shop. One resource to check out for prints is This company offers a variety of sizes of prints including canvas prints. Large format prints are very inexpensive. You can have an 18" x 24" print produced at for only $15!

What may seem like an ordinary picture can actually turn into a museum-quality piece of work when you put it on canvas. You can have it done for $24, then turn around and sell the piece for $75 or more.

Marketing and Branding Your Business

If you're showcasing your work at an art gallery or art fair, keep in mind that aesthetics play a big role in attracting customers. When people are walking by your booth or enter a gallery, you want to capture their attention. Enlarged posters and signs or enlarged banners that are professionally done should feature the name of your business and/or logo.

Keep in mind, however, that marketing and branding your art business isn't just about fancy logos or banners, it's also about being professional, making connections with your customers, and producing quality products on a consistent basis.

Start telling everyone on your Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace page about your business. Marketing your art business doesn't have to be hard. Just have fun with it and you'll start to attract customers who love and value your work.

While everyone is moaning about how the economy is bad, this is a great time for you as an artist to start making money. Remember that there is no such thing as a starving artist!