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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Good Life Is Traveling and Attending Fun Events

Over at The Good Life, a blog that is part of the Studio 747 network of blogs, we talk about how important it is to do what you're passionate about.

When you do what you love, the money and abundance will follow...We know, it's an old cliche, but it's a mantra that we think everyone should live by!

Doing what I love has put me in touch with so many people who are just as passionate as I am about writing, blogging, and creating art. I've also come across many opportunities that are in line with my passions.

One such opportunity that I’ve come upon is serving as a correspondent for EventChaser, a site where people can read reviews of various events such as concerts, sporting events, and more. I’m a big sports fan, so I’m hoping to finally attend a Lakers game like I’ve always wanted to do. Or perhaps I could start traveling around the country and attend all kinds of concerts!

Stay tuned for my reviews as I will be linking to them from this blog!