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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Creativity is Not Just For Artists - Be Creative to Think and Live Better

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This is a guest post by Alessandra Viero...

When we say creativity, what comes up to our mind is almost always art... or fantasy authors... or professional areas such as music, fashion, marketing, graphic design... and we tend to think that only people who deal with such activities have a real need to be creative.

Sure, we have probably heard that creativity is good per se, and maybe we would like to have some special talent in this sense, but most of us simply think "OK very nice, but I'm not an artistic guy/gal. It's a pity, but I've been living well so far, and in my job and life after all I can perfectly do without it".

However, that's just a limited interpretation of what being creative actually means.

I may perfectly agree that creativity shows more pleasantly in a beautiful painting or sculpture, in signature jewels or clothes, in a delicious original dish by a famous chef, in a fascinating novel, in a music masterpiece, in a brilliant advertising campaign...

Furthermore, as I said in previous articles, "artistic" activities such as drawing bring important benefits to all of us, regardless of how "gifted" we feel. And practicing this kind of activities is an excellent means if we want to stimulate our imaginative side.

Though, creativity is much more than this. It involves and improves ALL aspects of our life.
Creativity is first of all an attitude of mind while facing any situation and issue you may encounter.

It means trying to think "out of the box", using the famous "lateral thinking", wondering if what appears in a certain way can actually be seen in a different perspective. It means being flexible-minded, young-minded, capable of abandoning all preconstituted mental schemes and bias if necessary.

When you "unchain" your mind and shake off useless stiffness you think more efficiently, you find more brilliant solutions. Better yet, you may identify opportunities where others only see problems, consider as a stimulating challenge what someone else calls failure. In a broader sense, sometimes being creative means leaving the fear of being yourself.

Adopting this mindset may be not that easy at first, but little by little you will feel more comfortable and eventually you will not even be able to get back to your previous way of thinking.

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