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Friday, August 07, 2009

Get The Creative Juices Flowing With These Tips

Leo Babauta posted The Little But Really Useful Guide to Creativity that lists some great tips to help you get those creative juices flowing back into your life.

Some of my favorites from the list include:
  • Write all ideas down immediately.
  • Turn your work into play.
  • Play with kids.
  • Get out, move, see new things, talk to new people.
I'm the Queen of writing down ideas that come to me. I always carry a little notebook and pen to jot down ideas for blog posts, ideas for businesses, inspiring quotes I come across, etc.

Another thing I do on a weekly basis is spend time with my God-daughters. The youngest one, A.J., is five-years-old and she definitely keeps me entertained. She's also a good source of creative inspiration. She's the one who took this photo of the week. Here's a project I helped her work on for her kindergarten class...

Kindergarten Art Project

What about you? Do you have any creativity tips to share?