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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Creativity and Fashion

Just imagine...If it weren't for the creativity of fashion designers, perhaps we'd still be using togas or banana leafs to cover our bodies? As the bi-annual New York Fashion Week takes place, I'm reminded of this.

As Julie of Cest Vogue says in this post, Skilled Fashion Designers Succeed in the Fashion Industry:
"Fashion designers believe that the costumes are much more than a shield of protection from elements. They enhance comfortless, confidence and self-esteem. Although most believe that fashion is purely superficial, designers feel that the appearance of a person can have profound effects on the personality and to the world at large..."
We often take fashion designers for granted - their creativity offers us fashion from different perspectives. As a lover of fashion, I am grateful for the myriad of choices I have when it comes to dressing myself.

My naked body is a blank canvas in the morning. The pieces of clothing are like layers of paint used to create a unique expression of who I am. That's fashion. That's art.

And speaking of fashion and art, Christian Siriano is a prime example of an artistic fashion designer. His Spring 2010 collection truly inspires me. Check out a clip of the show below...