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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tap Into Creative Energy in Cannes, France

This month you can tap into a great deal of creative energy at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. From May 12 to May 23, 2010 creative people from all around the world gather for this well-known event that celebrates the film industry.

Cannes, Frances is a picturesque town full of of beautiful sites...

Photo Credit: Jamie Davies

Here is a video featuring the glamorous life in Cannes, France...

Even if you don't go to Cannes, France for this annual event, I urge you to go somewhere new to experience life. Ok, so what if you don't have the budget to travel to Europe? Visit a place in your city that you've never been before!

Most creative individuals thrive on experiencing new things and visiting new places. At least I do. Whenever I start to feel creative blocks, I go somewhere else to see new things and be around different energy. It's something I highly recommend that anyone do if you feel yourself becoming stuck and you're not sure how to move forward with a project - whether it's a story for a blog post, a piece of artwork, or a business venture.

A new scenery...different people...different energy - it all helps to expand your mind.