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Monday, September 06, 2010

A Little Photography Inspiration

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve been off trying to figure out where my creative energy is taking me. I’ve been involved with writing projects, but nowadays I’ve been really inspired by the nature around me, which has spawned many photographs.

I recently purchased a brand new Sony Cyber-Shot H55 which features their new Sony “G” lens. I wanted a new camera for a road trip I took to the mid-west and I like that this camera has a sweep panorama mode.

Here are a couple panorama photos I took at the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska:

Rose Garden

Botanical Garden

On the way to Nebraska we passed through Utah, which has some of the most beautiful landscapes that I’ve ever seen. I was in awe. The mountains were so colorful.  Although I loved the color pictures, for some reason I like the mountains in black and white mode much better:

Utah Mountains

All this photography has me thinking that I want to pursue this on a more professional level, which means that I will need a professional digital camera. I’ve always wanted one anyways, but still haven’t convinced myself into paying $2,000+ for a camera. However, then I thought that if I start selling my photos, the camera would pay for itself.

When I do buy a high-end camera, one option I have if I don’t want to dish out the money is to buy it used or refurbished. I could send it into a digital camera repair shop to get it fixed if needed. I found out about this online shop that specializes in camera repair. They fix just about every brand of camera including Canon camera repair.

Who knows, though.  If I just apply the Law of Attraction and practice what I preach, perhaps that professional camera may just show up out of nowhere.  It will be the right price and have all the features I want!