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Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Geek Experience: Launch of Microsoft Phone

The other day I went to the Microsoft Store at the Fashion Valley mall for the launch of the Windows Phone. Have you seen the commercial for it yet? It's probably my favorite commercial promoting a smart phone right now.

Check out the commercial:

Microsoft Phone (1st Generation)Typically, I'm not one of those early technology adopters, but for whatever reason I was excited about checking out this phone. I even got up early to go to the Microsoft Store. (6:30 am is VERY early for a night owl like me who usually wakes up around 10 am.)

In the back of the Microsoft store is a space for business presentations. A small group gathered to learn about all the different features of the new phone. It's definitely different from an iPhone launch where you have people lined up around the block just to get their hands on the "latest and greatest". Personally, I liked this experience much better. Plus there was free breakfast to boot!

Here are some of the notable positives of the new Microsoft phone that I like:
  • The ability to create, open, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and OneNote files.  Actually, I'm able to open and edit Word files on my Blackberry right now, but the interface on the Microsoft Phone seems easier to work with.  Maybe because it's a bigger screen.  
  • You can go to what is called the "People Hub" and see a list of all your friends and contacts including their Facebook status updates.  
  • I like that the T-Mobile version of the phone (developed by Dell) has a pull-out keyboard.  This is great for people like me who don't like touch-screen typing.  
  • If you have a Zune account ($15 a month), you can download 10 songs a month to keep plus listen to unlimited songs on your phone.  
T-Mobile Version of Microsoft PhoneI'm a little tempted to get the T-Mobile version of the phone just so I could watch TV.  Besides that, the phone itself looks so much better than the AT&T version.

Below is a clip of Roberto Lozano, a Microsoft associate (or Product Advisor), sharing features of the phone.  My friend, Jennifer Boyd (@JenBoydSD on Twitter), is also in the clip recording video from her own phone:

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