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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogging With Purpose

Blogging -- What Jolly Fun!
Lately I've been thinking more about how I can make an impact with my blogging. While I love the fact that everyone can share their thoughts and opinions at the push of a button, we've turned into a world full of noise. Some of it good and some of it bad.

This past year I haven't been really consistent with writing on any one particular blog except for Beauty Is Within, my beauty and fashion blog.  I started that blog because I was tired of seeing the same type of content on other beauty and fashion blogs - those that talked about what celebrity was wearing what or those blogs that hyped up beauty products without giving us a "real" review.  I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with those types of blogs, but they didn't serve any purpose for me.   Maybe that's because I'm getting a little older and it just seemed like most beauty/fashion blogs were geared towards 20-30-year-old women. 

As I spend more time blogging at Beauty Is Within, I'm beginning to realize that oh, there are people who read my what can I say that will inspire them? Is there something that I can teach them through my own personal experience with style and the pursuit of being beautiful both inside and out?

I know that many people think that talking about fashion or beauty products is superficial. After all, aren't there bigger issues in the world today? And while I do offer product reviews on that blog, my intention is help women make informed decisions about what they purchase. At the same time I hope to inspire women to allow their inner beauty to shine - whether it's sharing tips on how to eat healthier or posting a weekly beauty affirmation to instill confidence in themselves.

I've been sensing a shift within me lately.  Blogging has taken on a whole new meaning.  Although I have always wanted to help people, I'm feeling even more purposeful with my blogging.  I can't really seem to articulate exactly how I feel, but all I know is that all the work I'm doing is contributing to the Bigger Picture.  Every detail matters.

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