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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why We Love Conan O' Brien: The Coco MoCa Experience

It takes a certain individual to appreciate Conan O' Brien's humor.  He can be just plain silly and obnoxious at times, but I can trust him to put me in a good mood after a long day.  Fortunately for Conan, he has millions of fans who appreciate his style of comedy.  To reciprocate that appreciation, Conan honored his artsy fans this past weekend during Comic Con by setting up Coco MoCa, a gallery featuring Conan-inspired art.  

The gallery was set up in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter - just a block away from the San Diego Convention Center.  I didn't have tickets to Comic Con, but being able to check out Coco MoCa was enough for me. Devoted fans had to wait in line to view the art and receive a limited edition t-shirt, but it was worth it.  Here are a few pieces that caught my eye... 

Conan O' Brien inspired art at Comic Con 2011

What Businesses Can Learn From Conan O' Brien

You have to admire someone who is always thinking about the fans.   How many late night talk show hosts have ever done something like this?  That's what sets Conan O' Brien apart from the rest.  He has a fun, interactive Facebook page, he invites people to be involved in his show, and then he goes and sets up a gallery filled with art submitted by loyal fans.  Of course, it's not all him.  Conan has a bright, creative, and dare I say brilliant team which consists of funny writers and producers.

Admiring the Lego sculpture of Conan O' Brien
Conan O' Brien really has become a superhero of sorts, saving us from the mediocrity of late night talk shows. He went from being kicked to the curb by NBC to being one of the most-followed comedic icons of today. People adore him...and why?  He gives back to the fans.  He's not just about interviewing celebrities and promoting their projects.  Conan is about making people laugh and creating a great experience for the fans.

What can you do today to connect with your loyal fans/customers/followers/friends?