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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ways to Display Your Art

by Cory Russum

There Is No Wrong Nor Right Way To Display Art. That is the great thing about art, it can take any form, and like the actual art itself you have the utmost flexibility and freedom of how you choose to display it.

Take, for instance, canvas wall art; the traditional way to display it was to hang the piece so that it was level vertically as well as horizontally. Nowadays with the evolution of free-er thinking, wall art is displayed in different ways. There is what I call the diamond hang, where the piece of art is hung with 2 corners pointing North and South while the other 2 corners are pointing East and West. Another style of hanging wall art that I have seen is what I call “Inversion”. This is where the owner of the piece actually has the piece hanging upside down.

Everyone who owns art has their own preference of how they wish to display it. This is a very positive sign of the times because it is showing me that people are liberating themselves from the limiting inside the box way of being thought for.

The media is quick to scrutinize certain celebrities for how they dress in public, not realizing that some of the more abstract fashion statements we witness is their way of sending a message to us all. You don’t have to conform to anyone to so-call fit into society. Society as a whole is better off when individuals think for themselves, as long as their thoughts are intended towards the Greater Good Of Humanity! Our life’s portrait is a reflection of the art we create every day. Appraise Yourselves!