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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Out of the Chicken Rut

Food For Thought
As a follow up to my last post about food and art, I began thinking about creativity and how people, especially chefs, all over the world have come up with different ways to cook a particular type of meat. For instance, think about all the entrees that have been created from chicken. I, for one, only cook chicken a few ways. I usually bake it and serve it with rice and a side vegetable. This type of dinner gets old after awhile, and it made me think about the different areas in my life where I’ve gotten into a rut or haven’t been very creative.

To get out of this rut, I decided to visit my friend, Karyn, in Chicago this past week to re-energize and experience something new. That usually spurs my creative juices. Besides, a visit has been long overdue.

Karyn cooked mapo tofu on my first night there, which consisted of ground beef, tofu, and a very spicy sauce. Peering into one of her kitchen cabinets, I saw all the different canned goods and spices she uses to cook, which has inspired me to try different recipes. I always forget that it’s so easy to cook something new. I mean, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of chicken recipes online. Funny how it took a trip to Chicago for me to realize that.

While in Chicago, Karyn and I visited the Children’s Museum where we really ignited our creativity. We sat in the craft room and became little kids again...

Sometimes it takes a new experience in a different city for us to make a simple change. That’s why I always urge people to travel...and that’s why this blog is called Studio 747 :)