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Friday, November 25, 2011

Creativity Tip: Bring Color and Design Into Your Environment

Items on my desk
As a writer and artist who works from home, I thrive on color and having space to think and write. When I first moved back to San Diego from college, I lived in a small studio apartment in downtown, so making sure that my living environment was conducive to my creativity was a top priority. That meant having comfortable sofas and chairs, displaying my art everywhere to add color to the walls, and having a clean and well-organized work space. It’s hard for me to focus with a cluttered desk!

If you’re a visual artist such as a painter, designer, or photographer, you probably already have a very colorful living environment. I feel more alive and inspired when I’m surrounded by color. For those of you who want ideas on how to bring more color and design into your living environment, here’s some inspiration...

The quickest and easiest way to bring color into a room is to fill a vase full of blooming flowers. I don’t know about you, but fresh, colorful flowers always bring a smile to my face.

English Warmth  -  Avia Venefica
Photo Credit: Avia Venefica on Flickr

In the world of interior design, there are a plethora of choices when it comes to furniture. That’s the beauty of innovation and creativity. I love that I can go vintage and decorate my home in 60’s style or go high-tech and buy modern furniture with unique designs.

Photo Credit: Andrewarchy on Flickr

Sometimes it’s not even about buying new furniture or redesigning your home. You can do fine with what you have. Just change up the scenery once in awhile by moving stuff around. It can even be as simple as going to the thrift store and buying a few colorful throw pillows for the sofa or adding new photos to your inspiration or visualization board. That should get the creative juices flowing again!