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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Are Not Your Klout Number

As a blogger, internet marketer, and social media manager, I understand how people can get caught up in the "numbers". From an early age many of us have been taught that "the more the merrier", and although that may be nice when you're having a party or drinking shots of tequila, it's not necessarily the case with social media.

I know, I'm probably going against the philosophy of many, but I am one of the few who believe that less is more when it comes to social media. Although I do admit that sometimes I take it personal when my Twitter numbers decline, but it doesn't bother me so much that I have to sign up for those services that let you know who unfollows you so you can unfollow them back.

We Are All Weird book by Seth GodinAfter reading Seth Godin's book, We Are All Weird, and one of Liz Strauss' recent posts, Klout, My Story & Why Opting Out Was My Choice, I'm convinced that it will no longer be about the numbers in the future. The concepts of "market share" and "mass marketing" will become obsolete. Companies won't be paying attention to how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers you have...or what your Klout score is, but they'll want to know if those people are indeed part of their target market. It's easy to buy fans and followers these days, but are they really paying attention to what you're saying?

I like Hugh Macleod's idea of "Culture Jamming". Macleod says, "...changing your company’s fortunes NOT by trying to directly change what the general public thinks of you, but by trying to change what YOU think of you."

At this moment in time, though, it seems as if numbers, not content, are in charge. Marketers don't care what you say, but are more concerned with your follower count. I miss the old days of blogging when people just blogged because they had something to share with the world. I remember my very first blog post. It was just a couple sentences long, and I was so happy to start blogging. My mission remains the same: To inspire people to live their best life ever.

Don't get me wrong, though. There are many bloggers out there who have built great communities around shared passions and interests. These bloggers, like me, aren't concerned with their Klout score or if they've reached some arbitrary milestone in Twitter followers. I'm not saying we're better in any way. We're just not ruled by "the numbers". And that's not to say that I'm not excited when the number of blog subscribers has increased.

Go Back to Your "Why"

When I find myself getting caught up in why my blog traffic hasn't increased or why people unsubscribe from my blog, I go back to my "Why". I remind myself of my purpose and why I do what I do. If I can make a difference in just one person's life, I've done my job. If I can inspire entrepreneurs to be the best that they can be via my BlogTalk radio show, then I'm happy.

If you persist in trying to be all things to all people, you will fail. The only alternative, then, is to be something important to a few people." --Seth Godin

As we head into 2012, think about how you want to be an influence in the world...and whether or not that is meaningful enough for you. Don't let some Klout score or the number of Facebook fans decide whether or not you are an influencer. You can decide that for yourself.

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