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Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Write a Blog Post In Less Than 30 Minutes

Last Thursday I taught a workshop on how to start a business blog where I offered a few tips on how you could go about writing a blog post in less than 30 minutes. Over the years I've talked with many small business owners who tell me how much they would like to share information and start a blog, but they just don't have the time to sit down and write.

Blogging is just like any business activity that you do. Of course we make time for our clients and customers, but when it comes to our own stuff, we tend to put it on the backburner. I also say that it's about prioritizing. If you don't make blogging a priority and don't write it down on your To Do list for the day, you're just not going to do it.

So here are my tips for writing a blog post in less than 30 minutes:

Create an editorial calender to plan out topics you will write about.  As you go about your day or week, jot down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind about those topics.  I also find that when I do create a list of topic ideas, I'll usually come across articles that will spur even more thoughts about those topics.  When I do finally sit down to write the actual article, the words flow easier because my subconscious mind has already been "at work" on it.

Write what you know.  It's much easier and quicker to write about something that you're highly knowledgeable about versus writing something that requires a bit of research.  I assume you know a great deal about your business, so why not share some insight about what you do and the challenges you face in your business.  People will appreciate your effort to be transparent and authentic.

Read what others have to say.  Take 5-10 minutes to read what others had to say on a topic you want to write about.  I always find inspiration from other writers.  Most times I'm able to expand on what they have said or provide a response to their article.

Tell a story.  Share an experience with a client or customer that offered you a lesson in business or customer service.  You could even tell a story of your company through photos.

Instead of spending two hours on LinkedIn, Facebook, or watching that energy-sucking reality TV show you're addicted to, why not use some of that time to write up a blog post? It doesn't have to be mind-blowing or a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. It just has to make your reader think, act, or simply inspire them. You could give them something useful in a few sentences. Seth Godin's blog comes to mind.

Do you have any business blogging tips to add? How long does it take for you to write up a blog post?