Studio 747 - A Lifestyle Blog for Creative Minds: A Day Without a Computer

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Day Without a Computer

I don't know what I was thinking walking out the door without my computer. My first clue should have been the fact that my purse was lighter than usual. I'll blame my lack of sleep for that slip-up.

So I get to Co-Merge and discover that I am without a computer. When 100% of your work consists of being on a computer, what do you do?

I turn to good ole-fashioned pen and paper...and my trusted iPhone, which is actually a mini-computer. After all, there's an app for everything I needed to get done that day. Facebook, check. Twitter, check. I could log into Google Docs to draft up blog posts if I wanted to. It was certainly a way to test the idea of a "mobile" business - in every sense of the word.

Besides discovering that there is a separate iPhone app for Facebook Pages, I realized how much I missed cursive writing. Can you believe that some schools are thinking about not teaching cursive anymore?!? I really would hate for hand writing to die, so please encourage your children to learn this art.

The beauty of not being on a laptop for the day is that I could actually focus on one thing at a time. Well, except that when I was writing I had the tendency to check out Instagram or Pinterest on my phone every once in awhile. At least I didn't have a multitude of web browser tabs open to distract me.

Would you or your business be able to survive without a computer for one day? Try it out and let me know how it goes!