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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Creative Inspiration From Sedona, Arizona

Scenery Outside Chapel of the Holy Cross

I was blown away by the magnificence of it all. This was my first time visiting Sedona, and the moment we entered the area I could feel the good vibes. Well, no wonder so many photographs are taken of this place. It is absolutely picturesque and awe-inspiring. I couldn't stop taking shots of the red rocks.

We came to Sedona to get away for a few days, but I wish it could have been a few weeks. It even crossed my mind that this would be a great place to live, but I say that every place I visit. However, this time it felt different. I really could live here.

Sedona has a reputation for being a spiritual center for natural healing and education. It's the home of spiritual energy vortexes that really do make you feel like you have reached Heaven on Earth.

Cathedral Rock Vortex

I can see why this area of Arizona attracts so many creative artists. Being surrounded by nature and gorgeous scenery everyday does produce good vibes. We stopped into one gallery that had an abundance of art. From jewelry to sculpture, paintings, and everything in between, I was so captivated by all the creative energy that surrounded me. We stayed in that gallery for a very long time. I wish I was able to take photos inside the gallery, but I got a couple shots of some of the sculptures that were outside.

Oh, so this is what life is about...not worrying about the destination, but enjoying the journey and scenery...

Art at Exposures Art Gallery

Little Native American Boy Statue

We stayed at the Kings Ransom Hotel, which was close to the downtown area of Sedona. It's a nice, quaint hotel with spacious rooms and great views. Every morning at breakfast we gazed outside to just take in the glorious red rock mountains.

Kings Ransom Hotel

If you love nature, art, outdoor activities, and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, Sedona is definitely a place to add to your bucket list!

Check out more photos from our trip to Sedona posted on my Flickr page...