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Monday, January 14, 2013

Boost Creativity by Bringing Nature Indoors

When I was growing up we had an aquarium full of fish that I loved to watch everyday. I would just stare at them swimming back and forth with no care in the world, not realizing that I was in a state of zen - just pure calmness. There’s something about connecting with nature that does that to me. I really enjoy being outdoors staring at flowers, trees, and watching the birds fly overhead.

Perhaps that is part of the reason why I’m such a creative person. According to an article over at The Huffington Post, there is a link between the great outdoors and creativity.

While it would be nice to spend all day everyday outside, it’s just not feasible given the weather in certain parts of the world and our hectic work schedules. However, there are ways that you can bring nature indoors in order to get those feel good vibes and relax:

Low Maintenance Greenery - After years of seeing regular house plants come and go, I just recently discovered that succulents are very low maintenance and can grow indoors just as beautifully as the outdoors.

Water Element - The sound of trickling water can instantly put you in a relaxed state. You could put a little mini fountain by your desk as you work. You could also install an aquarium with fish to look at whenever you need a break from the computer. Sites like have a variety of aquariums with modern designs.

Shells and Branches - These are design elements that can be bought inexpensively or found outdoors. Put shells in pretty bowls or jars and create centerpieces with branches. I love the contrast of white milkglass and the brown of tree branches...

What elements of nature have you brought indoors? Do you feel that being in nature makes you more creative?