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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Design Trend to Love: Upcycling

Source: via Dianne on Pinterest

The U.S. is a consumption-based society where we are continuously looking for something shinier and prettier than what we have right now. The nice thing about that is the creative and innovative things that have been produced, but at the same time our landfills are becoming overflowed with people's unwanted "junk".

Thank goodness for the people who are bringing life to old things and thinking of ways to incorporate found items into art - otherwise known as "upcycling". I've noticed that upcycling has been a buzzword lately, especially on Pinterest where I spend a great deal of time browsing through pictures of homes and furniture design.

There's even a blog dedicated to upcycling that was created by a team over at Etsy, or check out The Upcycled Market, which is written by two sisters who have a passion for antiques and vintage design.  Then today I come across 10 Suprisingly Beautiful Designs Made Out of Trash over at, which piqued my interest in upcycled design even more.

It's time to rethink that box of old stuff sitting in the corner. Get the creative juices flowing and create your own upcycled project this weekend!