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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Walk @NTC 2013: Artists Share Creative Inspiration

Mission Federal ArtWalk 2013

For artists - or any creative person for that matter - we find inspiration from nature, our environment, or other people. Even simple, ordinary things can give us a creative boost.

During the Artwalk @NTC that recently took place here in San Diego, I had the opportunity to find creative inspiration from a variety of artists. I was thoroughly in awe of many of the art pieces.

In talking with some of the artists, I learned that what inspires them are things that inspire me as well.

Artist: Antonio Proa
His Inspiration: Music

Antonio Proa's art is vibrant and full of color. One of my favorite paintings from his collection is this one of Frida Kahlo...

Antonio Proa, Artist

Artist: Joseph F. Kennedy
His Inspiration: Google Mars and his neighborhood

Joseph's pen and ink art is so wonderfully detailed that I just couldn't stop looking at all of his pieces.

Joseph F. Kennedy, Artist

Artist: Karen Eastman
Her Inspiration: Nature

Karen is an artist who I can relate to because of the love for nature and the fluidity in her painting style. When I look at her paintings, I feel more grounded and centered.

Karen Eastman, Artist

Artist:  Time McClendon
His Inspiration:  God

Blissfully brilliant are two words that come to mind when I look at Time's crystal creations.  How can you look at these pieces and not smile?!?  I certainly don't doubt that The Creative Force is working through this artist.

Time McClendon, Artis

Artist:  David Wiemers
His Inspiration:  Comedy Writers

Talk about inspiring!  David's paintings will not only make you smile, but they'll make you chuckle too.  He also has a funny YouTube channel that features some of his paintings.

David Wiemers, Artist

Artist:  Paco Garcia
His Inspiration:  Color

Paco's paintings of picturesque landscapes and classical style brings up feelings of serenity.  I'm taken to another country...another colorful world where all that exists is peace.

Paco Garcia, Artist

One artist I didn't get a chance to speak with, but who blew me away with his unique art is Ray Kinne. Ray's enormous portrait of Albert Einstein first drew me in, and then I discovered that the entire piece is made of dominoes. His other jaw-dropping designs included portraits of people made entirely of push pins. Think digital art meets push pins!

Albert Einstein Made of Dominoes

Ray Kinne Art

San Diego's Art Walk festivals take place twice a year, which attract lovers from everywhere. If you're planning a trip to San Diego, make sure to schedule it around the time these art festivals happen! For more information, visit:

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