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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review: Chicken Soup For the Soul 20th Anniversary Edition

"Chicken soup is more than a food—it's what your mom feeds you when you're sick, it's what you eat when you need the ultimate comfort food, it's recommended by doctors for the body and for the mind."--Heidi Krupp

Have you ever heard a story that feeds your soul and fills it up with positive energy?

Every entrepreneur needs inspiration, a story that offers perspective, makes one pause and really ponder the possibilities of life and what can be done to make a difference in other lives. Chicken Soup For the Soul is filled with plenty of inspirational stories, and the 20th Anniversary Edition contains those classic stories from the original book, plus many more.

I recall reading bits and pieces of the original version, but because I have read many books since then and my mind tends to suffer from information overload, what I read 20 years ago seems to be a distant memory. I'm happy to be revisiting these stories because just when my soul was craving a nibble of encouragement, this 20th Anniversary Edition made its way into my life.

If you've never read Chicken Soup For the Soul before, it's one of those books that you can turn to any chapter or page and discover an inspiring story or two to get the creative, uplifting, want-to-do-good juices flowing. You'll also have plenty of Aha! moments and warm fuzzies.

There's the tale of Tommy Tighe, the 6-year-old boy who had bumper stickers made promoting peace and sent them to the leaders of the world.

Then there's the encouraging words of Robert Holden:
"The final (and only) act of healing is to accept that there is nothing wrong with you."
Another standout story comes from Darren Hardy, who tells us about the tough love he received from his father and the "dysfunctional" childhood that made him the high achiever he is today. You may recall the review I wrote up about Darren's book, The Compound Effect. He's also the publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, which I enjoy reading.

Chicken Soup For the Soul is truly the perfect title for a book that is so heart-felt and soothing. If you know somebody who could use a gentle nudge of hope and inspiration, this is the perfect gift. It's a classic book that should be on everyone's "To Read" list. It's available on

I'll leave you with a tweet I came across mentioning Jack Canfield, who offers this sage advice...