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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kettner Arts: Where Art and Good Vibes Meet

"The World" by Ginger Louise

Just a stone's throw away from the heart of San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood is Kettner Arts, an art gallery and studio that houses a unique collection of creative pieces from a wide range of artists. The mission of Kettner Arts is "to create accessibility between artists and collectors."

The gallery participates in the Kettner Nights art walk that takes place every second Friday of the month. It is where I purchased this very inspiring mixed media art piece (pictured above) created by artist Ginger Louise.

It was nice to meet Ginger whose creative energy is not just limited to producing mixed media art, but branches out to fashion including handbags and jewelry. An artist after my own heart!

I think it's so important for emerging artists to have access to a variety of channels to exhibit their art, and Kettner Arts is one of those galleries that makes it relatively easy for an artist to gain more exposure. This is not your typical, stuffy art gallery, but a place with laid-back, good vibes. One of the must-visits if you're ever in the downtown San Diego area.