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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Shepherd's Pie: A Lesson In Improvising

Life lessons in food

I was craving Shepherd's Pie, but the only ingredients that I had for the typical recipe were potatoes and a tiny bit of ground beef.

Of course, driving to the store for more ground beef, corn, and peas was an option, but it was a lazy Saturday, and I was just plain lazy.

What I did find in the fridge, though, was beef sausage, carrots, and mushrooms. So I cut them up, added garlic and chopped onions, threw shredded cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese on top, and Voila! It turned out to be the best version of Shepherd's Pie I ever made. Leftovers?! Not this time. My fiance and I gobbled it all up.

And that's when I was reminded that sometimes your best work comes when you just improvise and go with the creative flow. Get out of what you normally do and try something new. Try a new medium of artistic expression or a new way of marketing your business. Take something old and make it fresh and exciting. Mix it up once in awhile and you may end up creating something so much better.

A person improvising is sometimes very fortunate that just at that second things coincide.
--Leo Ornstein