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Monday, December 16, 2013

Philippines Travel Series: Inspiration From Filipino Artists at Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum Makati Philippines

Last month I visited my home country of the Philippines, a place where I lived for 3 years during high school and last visited in 2002. It was a rare thing for my family to visit the capital city of Manila when I did live there, so on my list of things to do during this visit was to check out the Ayala Museum, a modern art and history museum located in the Makati area.

I would recommend setting aside at least 2 hours out of your day to cover all four stories of the Ayala Museum. If you're like me, you just want to take your time and soak up the creative energy from each exhibit.

What really caught my attention was the art of H.R. Ocampo, whose colorful abstracts spoke to my aesthetic...

Exhibit of H.R. Ocampo's art at Ayala Museum

Abstract painting by Filipino artist H.R. Ocampo

I spent the majority of the time reading through the history of the Philippines, with each time period having its own diorama to provide a visual story of what life looked like back then.

Diorama of Philippine History
Diorama of one of the Philippine revolutions

Many of the exhibits at the Ayala Museum are on rotation, which is similar to museums here in the U.S. There are different prices depending on how much of the museum you want to see. I paid to see the first 3 floors, which was 350 pesos (~$8).

After the museum you can walk around the Greenbelt Mall, which is right next door. You can also take in the pretty koi ponds and beautiful zen-like garden while enjoying a snack at the cafe museum.

Horse statues at Greenbelt Mall

Koi pond at Greenbelt Mall Makati

In future posts I will be sharing other exciting adventures from my trip to the Philippines. Stay tuned!