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Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Foolproof Way To Get Out of a Creative Rut

Do you remember playing and creating as a kid? You felt so carefree and fearless.

As I'm typing up this post I'm sitting in Starbucks watching the cutest little girl staring out the window. She's prancing around in her pink furry vest and floral leggings with a big smile on her face. When she goes home she'll probably play with her toys or draw and color. Just seeing this little girl spurs up memories of when I was young.

Maybe that's why I've always loved working with kids. They just go with the flow. As a preschool teacher years ago I enjoyed creating art with the kids and watching them assemble things together without judgment of their work. They could glue one single piece of blue paper on another piece of paper and be done with it happy as can be.

As we get older we seem to get bogged down with criticizing our work, worrying about responsible adult things, and so busy being busy that some of that creative energy dissipates. Next thing you know you're in a creative rut, which is where I found myself recently. I wasn't feeling very inspired to write, paint, or do anything with my business. Thankfully, a friend of mine reminded me about the Children's Museum in downtown San Diego - a place I actually volunteered at years ago. They remodeled the museum a few years ago, turning it into a huge three-story building filled with creative energy. My friend, her niece, and I enjoyed a few hours of exploring, playing with clay, playing with blocks, and blowing bubbles. The energy of the kids rubbed off on me, which helped me get out of my creative rut.

Sometimes just spending a few minutes with a child can get all that gook out of your mind! It works for me every time.

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