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Sunday, December 28, 2014

#ProgressivePeople Presented by Audi: Meet Kavita Meelu, Berlin's Burger Queen (Sponsored Video)

Audi RS6 in Speedy Yellow

What drives you?

Have you ever taken a step back and reflected on this question? Why do you do what you do? What inspires you to get out of bed every morning?

Well, that's the question that Audi is asking some of Germany's most innovative people in a video series that Audi recently launched. The interviews will give us insight into the goals, dreams, and ideas of these inspiring personalities.
The first video portrait features Kavita Meelu, who is also known as Berlin’s Burger Queen. Kavita received the "Innovation Award" from the city of Berlin in 2013 for her creative projects around the topic food. She is very supportive of Berlin’s emerging creative cuisine community and the talented people who aspire to live their dreams and express themselves through food.

Originally from Birmingham, London, Kavita moved to Berlin because she fell in love. Her passion for food led her to numerous projects including Mother’s Mother, StreetFood Thursday and Burgers & Hip Hop. Since everybody likes burgers and everybody can dance to Hip Hop, (well, almost everybody!) Kavita thought it would be fun to create a huge party event for people to dance after eating. This past December 6 they celebrated the first birthday of the event with food vendors from Paris, Amsterdam, and London joining in on the festivities. If you love burgers just as much as we do and you're thinking about a trip to Berlin, check out the
Berlin Burger Map


Burgers and Hip Hop

Do you have a progressive project that you would like to share with the world? Send your project to Audi via email at progressivepeople [at] The most interesting projects will be selected and introduced via a social video campaign in 2015. You can also find out more about the #ProgressivePeople campaign by visiting Audi City Berlin, or visit the Audi website to see what progress the brand is making with their latest models.

This article is sponsored by Audi.