Studio 747 - A Lifestyle Blog for Creative Minds: How To Be More Adventurous: A Tale of Two Dogs

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Be More Adventurous: A Tale of Two Dogs

Sammy likes to stays on the path she knows best.
Sammy and Windsor have very different personalities, and these dogs had a lesson to teach me about being more adventurous as I took them for a walk the other day.

Sammy is a very energetic German-Shepard mix. I’ve taken her on many walks these past couple years when my friend has gone out of town. I’ll often take her down this walking trail by the house, and I take her through different parts of the neighborhood so she can become more familiar with the area.

Windsor is a new addition to my friend’s family. She’s a retired border patrol dog and 4 years older than Sammy. Windsor has been a working dog for most of her life and is now enjoying life as my friend’s pet.

When I took Windsor and Sammy for a walk I noticed that Sammy was just following the normal trail as she always does. On the other hand, this was Windsor’s first time walking the trail and she wanted to explore the path less traveled, which was the tall brush just slightly off the trail. She trampled all over the grass and sniffed at everything in her path. You could just sense her excitement for being out and exploring.

In that moment I was reminded of how to be more adventurous and enjoy life more. Oftentimes we can get caught into a rut without even realizing it - just walking the same path day after day. As a creature of habit myself, I can relate to this. But if you just go slightly off the path - even just a little - you can see a whole different view of life and enjoy it more. See the world that you’re used to through new eyes.

In your daily life being more adventurous could mean taking a different route to work, trying out that restaurant you always pass by, or changing up the fitness routine. You could also try going on vacation to an exotic place instead of the regular places you visit. As you take these small baby steps to being more adventurous, you’ll start to seek out more exciting adventures and try even more new things. Your comfort zone will begin to stretch out, exposing you to new opportunities.

You could be more adventurous in your business by trying a new way of marketing, joining a new networking group, or even starting your own mastermind group. You may even try expanding your services or product line.

Last year when I challenged myself to do something new each day, it was so interesting to see my environment from a new perspective. There were areas in my neighborhood and city that I had never seen even though I had passed by these places dozens of times. I began to appreciate what I have, meet new people, and learn more about life in general.

I truly believe that being more adventurous leads to being more creative. The more things you are exposed to in life, the more curious you become and the more ideas come to you.

In what ways have you been more adventurous in your life? Do you have any other tips to share?