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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From James Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond

For over 50 years James Bond movies have entertained us, and whenever a new one comes out, I never sigh and say, Another one? I mark my calendar for the debut and make sure I’m at the theater early to get a good seat.

The latest installment, Spectre, did not disappoint, which got me thinking about the qualities that has made 007 so successful over the years. James Bond isn’t an entrepreneur, but if he ever decided to change careers and become a business owner, he’d definitely make a good one. Here are a few lessons James Bond can teach us...
Dress for success. We’ve all heard this one before, but how many of us actually live by this adage? James Bond does every day. Regardless of where he’s going or what the situation is, 007 does it in style. He could be dodging bullets while sliding down a collapsing building with dust all around him and still manage to look good. He’s a professional and dresses the part - and it’s probably why he always gets the girl. It really is hard to keep your eyes off a person who has impeccable style. Just sayin’.

I’m not saying that you have to wear a suit all the time, but when you put in the effort to look presentable every day, it will give your confidence a boost. People are attracted to confidence.

Keep your cool. In highly stressful situations, Bond always manages to remain calm, cool, and collected. In Spectre I think I saw him with a couple beads of sweat - if that - as he battled the enemy. Bond never gets rattled or complains about his circumstances.

When you’re faced with obstacles or it seems like things aren’t working in your favor, how do you handle it?

Go after what you want and stay focused on your target. James Bond travels around the world hunting down the enemy and he doesn’t let anything or anyone get in his way. There’s something very attractive about someone who is focused and knows what he wants. And of course, Bond is always successful.

What are you willing to do to become successful? Are you focused on your goals?

Break the rules. When there’s a mission that 007 knows will help the greater good, he will break the rules (and a few laws). Nothing can hold him back from his goal.

In my opinion, rules are made to control people, but if you know that your actions and choices are going to help rather than hurt, then why not? Why conform to what everyone else is doing?

One of my favorite entrepreneurs is Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, because he didn’t follow that rule that you have to “do one thing and do it well” in order to succeed. Branson has built an empire that includes a record business, airline business, telecommunications company, and now space tourism.

Don’t try to do it all. James Bond has a team who has helped him become successful. He focuses on what he’s good at and counts on his associates to support him in ways that they are good at. In Spectre “Q” is the tech guy who hacks computer systems and designs gadgets for Bond to use. Eve Moneypenny helps Bond by accessing top secret files.

Sure, you could be a solopreneur and do it all, but you could do so much better if you focus on what you like to do and hire talented people who can support you in those areas that you aren’t so good at.

What business lessons have you learned from watching James Bond movies?

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