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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Art Inspiration: ArtWalk at Liberty Station, San Diego

One of my favorite yearly art events here in San Diego is ArtWalk that takes place at Liberty Station in Point Loma. With the beautiful San Diego Bay and ocean breeze as the backdrop, it's hard not to enjoy yourself.

What I love about attending ArtWalk is seeing how creative energy expresses itself through each of the artists. We all see the world in different ways and how we choose to share our visions is unique and so beautiful.

There were many artists exhibiting their masterpieces for this year's event. As I wandered from booth to booth, I soaked up all the creativity and made quite a few connections with like-minded artists.

Cansu Bulgu is an artist whose creations resonated with me. Her Transformative Art combines meditation and intuition, producing one-of-a-kind installation pieces that represent all the elements including sun (fire), ocean (water), and wind (air).

Cansu Bulgu Art through Meditation

Cristiana Brusco is an Italian-Argentian artist whose vibrant and colorful art grabbed my attention as I walked by. Just like me, Cristiana is inspired by nature and beauty including trees and colorful landscapes.

Cristiana Brusco Fine Art

Greg Chapman is another artist who showcased a gallery of vivid and dynamically colorful artworks that are awe-inspiring. Greg is also a traveler who understands the connection between art culture. Just talking to him you can feel the good vibes and engaging energy that matches his art.

I first found out about Jon Barnes' photography at ArtWalk in Littly Italy a couple years ago and now have a few of his pieces hanging up in my home. He has traveled throughout the United States capturing beautiful landscapes, landmarks, and cityscapes.

I'm very drawn to artists who are inspired by nature. What type of art inspires you?

The next ArtWalk will take place April 29 & 30, 2017 in Littly Italy, downtown San Diego. Get more information by visiting: