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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Holy Grail of Content Marketing

There is so much NOISE in the world today. Everyone has a voice and the freedom to say whatever they want. Granted, there are things that shouldn’t be said, but what I love about blogging and social media is that it allows people to be heard.

But are people going to actually hear or even listen what you have to say? Do you want to be that person who inspires...ignites...and creates change for the good? Or do you want to keep creating mediocre content that just gets lost in the shuffle? Think about it. There are probably tons of yottabytes (yes, that’s a real thing) of information produced each day. How will you get your business noticed?

The other day I spent a couple hours on Youtube listening to talks from Gary Vaynerchuck and Seth Godin, two exceptional marketers whom I’ve admired for quite some time. I was reminded of the common thread that binds all great business people: they are passionate about what they do and care about making a change in the world.

When you’re creating content, do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Or are you genuinely excited about what you have to say? Do you feel energized knowing that you could possibly make a difference in someone else’s life?

Great Content Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

I recently read an article about SEO (sorry, forgot to bookmark it) that said if you want an article to be ranked high in the search engines, it has to be over 1,000 words long. Somehow Google thinks that longer articles are worth more to users than shorter articles.

If SEO and getting your article to show up on the first page is your sole purpose, you’re not going to last very long in business. Just sayin’.  I’ve seen long articles that were full of fluff and I’ve seen long articles that actually taught me something. I’ve read short articles that were full of bullshit and I’ve read short articles that made me really think.

Just do you. Just be you. Forget all the “rules” of SEO and focus on creating epic content that inspires conversation and moves people. Forget about Google dictating what should or shouldn’t be read. Forget about trying to get people to “like” your content. Focus on your reader/customer and provide value. What are their pain points? What have they come to you to learn?

If your blog post is 300 words or 2,000 words, why should it matter? Great content will attract readers/viewers no matter how long or short it is. You could design a beautiful graphic with one word on Instagram that reaches the one person who becomes a fan for life. And that one person could have a gazillion followers on Instagram who rave about you to all their fans.

One of the reasons I return to Seth Godin’s blog time and again is that he writes short inspirational blog posts. He doesn’t write gimmicky headlines or care about word count. Here’s a classic example:

Make something great
Not because it will sell.
Not because it's on the test.
Not because it's your job.
Merely because you can.
The alternative (waiting for the world to align in a way that permits you to make something great) is hardly worth pursuing, right?

Sometimes we just need reminders. Maybe what you have to say isn’t mind-blowing or an actual new idea or concept. That’s completely fine. Thoughts and ideas come to you for a reason. Are you going to just keep it bottled up in your head or are you going to share it?

I’m sure you have an opinion about a subject that’s interesting to you. Perhaps you can look at it from a different perspective and share your thoughts. Maybe you can share an experience that relates to your audience. This brings me to my next point...

Tell Your Story

I’ve written before about how storytelling can help you connect to customers. When I listen to TED talks or attend a seminar, I’ve noticed that most speakers have a story to share. We all have stories to share.

What story can you share?

There is an art to storytelling on social media, which is something I’ve been working on for my own business. You can tell the same story on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., but how you tell the story is different for each platform.

In the following video Gary Vaynerchuck talks about how we should stop storytelling like it’s 2007...

Content marketing is simply documenting the passion for your work. It’s about being human and authentic - letting people know how much you care about helping them. That’s all it boils down to. That’s the holy grail of content marketing.