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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

My Ultimate Bucket List of Things to Do In Europe

As a lover of all things design including art, architecture, home decor, and especially fashion, I’ve been stalking the Instagram stories of various fashion bloggers and editors this past month, following their adventures throughout Europe and living vicariously through them. Every year during September the fashion world does a whirlwind trip starting in New York for fashion week and continuing on to London, Milan, and ending in Paris.

Then I thought, It’s time for me to go on a whirlwind European trip of my own! So here I am putting together my bucket list of things to do in Europe when it comes time for my adventure. I figured I would write it down and also blog about it to help me visualize it in more vivid detail.

Interestingly enough, synchronicity came into play because the very next day after I started writing this article a booklet came in the mail from Gate 1 Travel featuring travel tours to Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa. I love when that happens!

After browsing through the booklet, I have even more exciting adventures to add to the bucket list. So here is my dream trip to Europe. Feel free to make it your own...

Dublin, Ireland - This would be my first stop because the Irish are such jolly people and I would need a few beers after that long trip. Then I would traverse across the green countryside and frolick in the green fields looking for four leaf clovers. I know, I have such a stereotypical view of Ireland, but seriously, that’s what I want to do.

Manchester, England - London would surely be nice to visit, but what I really want to do in the UK is visit a real castle. Manchester was home to quite a few castles, although many of them have been damaged or buried. There are other castles and towers in the surrounding area including the Skipton castle, which looks very medieval.

Paris, France - From Manchester I would hop on an Air France flight from Manchester to Paris because I’m so curious what their airline meals taste like. Besides that, who doesn’t want to hear all the safety instructions in french? (Note to self: Flights from London to Paris generally cost a little more than Manchester to Paris on Air France.)

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In Paris I would visit every art museum including the Musée Picasso, and of course, gape at the Eiffel Tower. Then I would eat a ton of tantalizing croissants and drink every type of coffee while sitting outside a cafe.

Creepy fact: Did you know that Paris has underground ossuaries called the Catacombs of Paris that hold the remains of over 6 million people?!?

While in France I’d definitely have to visit Monaco and experience the French Riviera just to soak up some beauty and glamour.

Barcelona and Madrid, Spain - I would take the train from Cannes to Barcelona just because you have to experience a train ride in Europe, right? I know it’s a 11+ hour train ride, but it’s a coastal trip and I would love to see all the sights along the way.

I have my eye on this “Art & Wine of Spain” 9 day tour that Gate 1 Travel offers which includes a tour of Barcelona, Bilbao (wine tasting!), and Madrid.

The Whole Country of Italy - I would have to spend at least two weeks in Italy because I want to visit every city and even the smaller towns. I want to take a thousand pictures of every historic landmark, overdose on Renaissance art, take a dozen gondola rides, and taste every Italian dish possible.

Athens, Greece - I’m fascinated with ancient sites, so naturally I’m attracted to Greece for its deep-rooted history. The whole country just looks so magical with the white-washed architecture and gorgeous ocean scenery. This is another place requiring an entire 32 gigabyte SD card for my camera.

Ingolstadt, Germany - Because I’m an Audi enthusiast, I have to tour the Audi headquarters. I’d also probably visit Munich because I’ve heard that it has a very vibrant art scene.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Of course a trip to Europe wouldn’t be complete without another visit to Amsterdam. You may recall the trip I took a couple years ago, and now I’m hooked. This time I would stay longer and rent a bike to peruse the city.

There are other places in Europe that I would be interested in visiting such as Moscow, Russia or Stockholm, Sweden, but they’re not on my “Must Visit” list like the other places listed above.

Have you ever wanted to visit Europe? Which places would be on your bucket list?