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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

9 Things You Learned in Preschool That Will Help You With Online Marketing

Little boy reading a book and laughing

Many business people stress out over marketing their business online, but what I’ve learned in my 17+ years of being an entrepreneur is that everything we know about online marketing we learned at a very young age. Marketing on the Internet is actually relatively easy if you always keep in mind the basics of life.


One of the first things we learned as we began to interact and play with others is to share toys, share food, or share crayons. In the online marketing world sharing is just as important. Share your knowledge through blogging or share resources and information with other entrepreneurs. I truly believe in karma in that what you give you receive back tenfold. I’ve seen this play out in my business time and time again.


The alphabet is the foundation of communication, and when it comes to online marketing, it’s good to stay grounded in the basics of communicating with others.

There’s one method of communication that has continued to work every single year since the birth of the Internet, and that is email marketing. Tech Guru Daily offers this email marketing guide to get you more sales.

It’s OK to color outside the lines

Many people want us to stay confined within the lines of the status quo, but in order to be a successful online business you have to venture out and do different things to get noticed. Even as a creative individual or artist, coloring outside the lines is a must. You have to get out of your comfort zone or else your art starts to become stagnant.

Be nice

If you think about it, you’re always marketing your business because whatever you do or say online is a reflection of your brand. You’d think that it is common sense to be respectful and nice to people you interact with online, but you would be surprised how many people represent their businesses in a negative way.

If you’ve hired someone to manage your social media accounts, make sure you set proper guidelines on what and what not to say when you receive negative feedback from customers.


Ever since I was 3 years old I loved to read, and what I’ve learned is that all successful business people are constantly reading and learning more about their industry. Stay tuned to trends in your industry even if you don’t always follow them.

The online marketing industry in particular is constantly changing. In order to keep up with what’s going on, you have to read articles, blog posts, and books. One of my favorite resources is Website Magazine.

Be social

As young children our parents encouraged us to get out and play with others on the playground. This is where we learned social skills and proper etiquette.

If you’re doing business in today’s Internet, it’s practically a must to get out in the social world and have social media accounts. If not, you’re missing out on so many opportunities to connect with customers. Many people now prefer to interact through sites like Facebook or Twitter, and if they can’t find you online, they may end up going to one of your competitors.

Tell the truth

This is a big one for me. It seems like most people nowadays are OK with lying about their products or services and they are so quick to bend the truth in the name of making a fast buck. They fail to understand the consequences of this until it’s too late and their customers have spread all the negative feedback, heading like a wildfire out into all four corners of the Internet universe.

Have fun

Kids are much better at this than us adults, but I’ve been working on this. I’ve made it a habit to wake up every morning, meditate, and set an intention to have fun in everything that I do. When you’re having fun, believe it or not, people can pick up on that (even online) and they become more attracted to you and your business.

Use your imagination

When we were young, we actually didn’t learn this, per se, but it came very natural to us. We had imaginary friends and we pretended to be super heroes, princesses, or animals. Oh, and let’s not forget those creative forts we built with couch cushions, bed sheets, books, and pillows.

As online marketers, imagination is the cornerstone to creative flow and unique ideas for products or services. We envision what our business would be like in the future and all the people we will help.

These are just some factors to consider when you're thinking about an online marketing plan. Which of these concepts do you already implement in your business?