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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

11 Things You Should Outsource To Take Your Business to the Next Level

Illustration of a cloud to represent outsourcing

There comes a time in your business that you start to think about moving onto the next level.

How do you scale your business so that you can truly focus on what you love to do? You want to help people and add value to their lives, but the To Do list is a mile long.

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to outsource various tasks. I’ve done it every now and then, but I admit that I’m somewhat of a control freak when it comes to my business. Today I revisited this idea of delegation because I started to feel a little overwhelmed by everything I want to accomplish within the next month.

I made a list of tasks I believe would help me get more done and thought I’d share if you’re also thinking about what activities to outsource in your business.

1) Social media

Keeping up with social media posting on a daily basis is highly time consuming - especially if you have many accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., etc. I know because I have personal experience in managing social media accounts of several businesses. I do have several accounts of my own and may just outsource Twitter and/or Facebook posts.

2) Blog writing

There are many benefits to blogging for business and I’m a big believer in having a blog. However, if you don’t consider yourself a wordsmith, there are many people who would happily write for you - myself included!

I do own a blog, though, that I would like to relaunch again. I will hire a writer or two to create most of the content since I want to devote my own writing to this blog and another blog I’ve had for the past 12 years.

3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimizing your site to show up in the search engines is a highly skilled art. Trying to keep up with all the rules and nuances of SEO is like me trying to keep up with all the trades going on in the NBA this offseason. And once you actually grasp all the ins and outs of optimization, you then have to implement them, which is another job in itself. I used to write content for a SEO company and know firsthand that it’s ton of work.

4) Email newsletters

People check their emails every day, so if you’re still not sending email newsletters out, you’re missing out on an opportunity to establish rapport and trust with them.

5) Content translation

I would like to have my ebook and some of my articles translated into different languages such as Spanish or Mandarin. If you serve customers all over the world, you definitely need corporate translation services to communicate effectively with these customers. Likewise every type of content that your business creates will need to be translated to other relevant languages. You may need technical translation services to translate training programs, catalogs, instructions, etc.

6) Web design

Designing or redesigning a website is something that can suck up a great deal of time if you don’t know what you’re doing. Every once in awhile it’s good to have someone who specializes in web design analyze your site and make sure everything is working right. It’s also good to give your site an upgrade so that it doesn’t look outdated.

7) Answering email

If you run an ecommerce business or receive many inquiries about your business via email, you may want to seriously consider hiring a virtual assistant to answer customer questions on your behalf.

8) Graphic creation

Eye-catching graphics is a must for marketing on channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram. I’ve shared my favorite graphic design and photo editing tools in a previous post, but if you don’t feel comfortable creating graphics on your own or just don’t have the time, this is something you should outsource.

9) Copywriting

It’s amazing what a good copywriter can do to grab your website visitor’s attention and lead them into purchasing products or services.

10) Public relations

Getting your business in front of the media and influencers is what a public relations manager can do for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be featured in a popular magazine or the local TV news?

In the past I've written my own press releases, but it would be nice to hire someone to do this for me because it does take time to actually craft the release and then submit it to relevant news outlets or contact bloggers who may be interested in sharing it with their readers.

11) Presentations

I don’t do as many Powerpoint presentations as I used to, but I know that it can sometimes take several hours to put one together, especially if I have to do research. Next time I would rather just give all my notes to someone who can then create the presentation for me.

Outsourcing tasks that you don’t like to do or don’t feel comfortable doing can free up a great deal of time and make you more productive in the long run. I know it would be nice to be able to just focus on my writing and have everything else taken care of.

As a business owner, which of these activities do you outsource, if any?