Studio 747 - A Lifestyle Blog for Creative Minds: 8 Highly Useful Travel Tools and Gadgets

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

8 Highly Useful Travel Tools and Gadgets

The best thing about being an entrepreneur and doing all my work online is that I get to travel fairly often. I think it's important for artists and entrepreneurs to venture out and explore other parts of the world. Not only do you get to meet tons of people, but travel gives your creativity a boost. You’ll definitely come back from your adventures with inspiration and a fresh perspective.

As I was packing for a trip to Thailand this week I was thinking about the tools and gadgets that I almost always pack or have on my phone, so I thought I’d share my list of highly useful items in hopes that it would help you.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Gone are the days of carrying around a heavy travel guide book in your purse or backpack. The Lonely Planet app offers travel guides for many cities around the world. You can pick and choose which guides to download to your phone so you can browse even if you’re not connected to wifi.

XE Currency converter app

Trying to convert currency in your head uses up too much brain energy. You should be relaxing and enjoying your vacation - not performing unnecessary calculations when there are apps for that. This is another useful app that doesn’t require wifi and can be used even in remote areas. It will save the last updated rates for you.

Google translate app

Thankfully I’ll be traveling with my sister-in-law who is Thai, so translating will not be a problem for us. However, if you find yourself stuck without a fellow human to translate your English, the Google translate app certainly comes in handy.

Units Plus converter app

It seems like the United States is the only country that doesn't use the metric system. When I travel I always seem to forget how many miles are in a kilometer, how many centimeters in an inch, or how many liters are in a gallon. It's nice to have an app or a website bookmarked that you can refer to while on the go.

Power converter

Here in the U.S. our standard voltage is 110v, but in many countries it is 220v so you may need a converter for some electronics such as hair dryers, steam irons, shavers or small fans. Some electronics such as Apple phones or computers are dual voltage, so you don’t need a converter for those items. You may need a power adapter, though, so you can plug your devices into the wall outlets in other countries.

Small flashlight

Although just about every smartphone now has a built-in flashlight in it, you just never know when you’re going to be caught in a situation in which your phone battery dies and it’s pitch dark. I have a tiny flashlight that can be attached to a key ring.

Swiss Army knife

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, this iconic tool definitely comes in handy if you ever need to cut rope, branches, open a can, open a bottle, and more. You can’t put this tool in your carry-on bag, but you can pack it in your check in luggage.

Nail cutter

It’s such a basic item, but I can't tell you how many times I've chipped a nail or two while traveling. From pulling luggage around to all the outdoor adventures I often get involved in, it's inevitable that a nail breaks.

Which of these tools and gadgets are on your must-pack list when traveling?